Foster Application

Welcome to the very rewarding job of becoming a foster parent! We thank you for your interest. We could not save Boston Terriers without the extreme dedication of our foster homes. THANK YOU!

BTRTOC requires foster homes to have all of their own pets spayed or neutered. BTRTOC also requires pets of the foster home to be current on recommended vaccinations. We understand there are certain circumstances which preclude vaccinations or surgeries. If you have a pet with unusual circumstances that cannot be spayed/neutered or vaccinated for special reasons but still want to foster, please talk to the Volunteer Coordinator. We will require a letter from your veterinarian submitted to BTRTOC explaining the circumstances. Even then, we may not be able to place a particular foster dog in your home because of the risk of pregnancy, disease, etc.

BTRTOC requires a foster’s personal dogs be heart worm tested at least once per year or any time there is doubt regarding status, e.g., a missed pill.

As a foster, you are expected to take an active role in getting exposure for your foster dog to facilitate adoption. This includes attending adoption functions in your area. It is up to the fosters to get exposure for the foster dogs. BTRTOC is also responsible for facilitating adoption by providing these opportunities for exposure. The BTRTOC team will make every effort to assist the foster in accomplishing this critical task. Electronic means will be used to their utmost capacity to help network our foster dogs (Facebook, Pinterest, Petfinder, website, courtesy postings, etc.).

If you have an electronic fence, you will not be allowed to foster or adopt from BTRTOC unless you have a physical fence to accompany the electronic fence, given that the physical fence passes the home inspection. Electronic fences alone do NOT keep OUT other dogs, allowing other dogs to enter the yard and tragedies to occur. Nor do electronic fences alone ensure that a dog remains within the confines of the fence. Batteries die allowing some dogs to “game” the fence. Some dogs have higher pain tolerance than others and will, if tempted by something that interests them enough, withstand the shock and leave the yard.


We appreciate your interest in BTRTOC and look forward to working with you!


*Unless otherwise specified as a condition of the foster contract, BTRTOC requires that foster homes maintain custody of the assigned foster dog until adoption is complete. Foster homes must be aware that there is no pre-designated time frame or duration associated with fostering. Your foster dog may remain with you in your home for weeks, 6 months, or even over 1 year. Please be prepared to make this potentially lengthy commitment.

*Applicants must be 25 years of age or older to foster a BTRTOC dog in our program. Special circumstances will be assessed on a case by case basis.